Director: Isabel Edwards
Sound: Lexi Spera
ALD: Will Rossiter
The amazing Ashley Everhart invited me to design the lighting for her comedy show during my sophomore year. I was extremely fortunate with this particular show to get, essentially, complete creative freedom with the lighting. The only catch: I had to put it up the night before with a rep. plot and the walls were an unknown color… I said, ” I can do that.”
So I decided that I would just have fun with it and try out some new stuff. Upon my arrival, I noticed two things: I had moving lights and LED strips, but the walls were gold and the LEDs color calibration was… bad. The good part about the rep. plot was that I was able, to work with moving lights in an actual show for the first time, but there were some times with the show’s blocking that I was frustrated to not have any coverage. This was also the first time that I used predominantly LED lights, flying in the face of my experience with lekos and gels.
Overall, I had a blast working this show and I learned a lot in terms of troubleshooting moving lights (big thanks to Will Rossiter, my assistant and board op on this show, who has WAY more experience with moving lights) and also making do with shorter deadlines. Deftness and decisiveness come with experience in any field, and I am grateful to all the cast and crew for helping me work toward that end—indulging my experiments and blunders while Will and I frantically cued the show.
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